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Tue. Oct 7th 2014
Love you Dad!!
- Kayla Anderson

Sat. Jun 16th 2012
I was born in stringtown in name along with my 2 brothers is on your veterans wall..
- paul collins

Sat. Jun 9th 2012
Thanks for coming and helping out at Water Day! We hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Sun. May 6th 2012
I was driving through my home town of Bristol Tennessee where I serve as fire captain and webmaster when I passed your Engine 3. Great looking truck!!!! I would also like to compliment your website, which also looks great. Please feel free to visit our website at
- Steven

Thu. May 26th 2011
You guys did great at that sence in Imman..GOOD LUCK GUYS!! YOU'LL ARE THE BEST FIRE DEPT I KNOW!
- Cassidy

Sat. Apr 16th 2011
you all have a nice web site and a nice engine
- ff/emt kevin tolbert saltville fire

Wed. Aug 25th 2010
good job of getting that new fire truck.
- deangela

Wed. Mar 17th 2010

You did an excellent job on the vehicle accident on Callahan Avenue. Hold your heads high. You performed with true professionalism and perseverance. I am proud of all you. Keep up the outstanding work....
- Travis

Thu. Mar 4th 2010
As a little girl, I spent most of my summers visiting my grandparents Owen and Novella Sharrett. I am from Indianapolis, so I loved coming to Appalachis. One of my many memories was listening for the scanner to go off and my mamaw and I chasing after every fire in town. Though some may have been tragic, those are going to be events I will never forget!
- Brittany Mills

Sun. Nov 15th 2009
THANKS for everything!
- d

Sat. Oct 31st 2009
I just wanna thank the appalachia fire dept you guys are a well-maintained machine, I think this town needs to cut back on the swat team or some kind of other services and add a payroll for the fire dept, We as a town are lucky to have you spend your free time and family time for training,and to help us when something in our life goes way wrong,Once again thank you and god bless the APPALACHIA FIRE DEPT
- DAVID #249824 appy VA

Mon. Oct 19th 2009
Cool site and sound!!!
- Jason McClure PVFD

Sat. Sep 19th 2009
Just Checking out the vids great job guys. P.S.....Not ah bad looking truck
- Dave Hearn Pittsville Vol Fire Dept. MD

Wed. Sep 9th 2009
ya'll keep up the good work. and i am supporting ya''ll all the way????? ya'll take care???
- Deangela Stidham

Thu. Jul 16th 2009
Greetings from Jenkins if you guys want you can add us Take care stay safe and train hard
- Elijah Davis

Fri. Apr 17th 2009
thanks guys for everything ya'll have done to this town. ya'll mean ALOT to some of us.
THANK YOU Appalachia FireFighters
- dd

Tue. Sep 30th 2008
Nice web site. I see you have responded to some major alarms. I hope that your responses have not resulted in injury. May the Lord protect you as you serve your communities, and may you know he is near you.
- Chap. Robert Roemer Sr

Sun. Sep 14th 2008
hey like your web site and myspace page.good looking apparatus.i use to live just across the mountain in cumberland ky and a member with cfd and also lynch fire dept.i live in loyall ky now.i have been a ff for 16 years.also i checked out the pics on the web site look real
- eddie johnson firefighter/fr/level1inst

Sat. Jun 14th 2008
Anderson, Your site is coming right along I see! Everything is looking good and is up to date. If you ever need anything, give me a shout.
- Andrew Catron

Sun. May 4th 2008
I love this site!! x0000
- zgrabbotx0000

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